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Vendor FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

As of 04/15/2013 the process for accepting new vendors and updating current vendor listings is transitioning to a committee of senior club members.
Until the new process is formalized, please send an email as follows:

Subject: New B9 Builders Vendor Request

To: gvardaman@aol.com, craig@bex.net
CC: MikeJ@B9Creations.com


This page contains information for club members that wish to sell B9 Robot™ replica parts.

The vendor agreement has a LOT of "legalese" in it and I apologize for that. My goal is to work with vendors and provide a system that facilitates the sale of their items while meeting the needs of the club members. I am committed to working with both vendors and buyers!

Vendors must sign and return by mail the Vendors Agreement Form. Only Club Vendors may produce and sell parts and such sales must be in accordance with the Vendor Agreement.

Fees, Allowed Items & Business Practices are specified in the Vendors Agreement.

Vendor membership must be approved by B9Creations, LLC. Past performance will be considered and any outstanding issues with fellow club members must be resolved before a vendor membership will be accepted.

Only items approved by B9Creations, LLC will be listed for sale.

To become a Vendor simply print out, sign and mail me two(2) copies of the Vendors Agreement Form. Upon acceptance of your vendor fees I will sign and return your execution copy.

To list your item(s) for sale I will need photos, a thorough description to include critical interface dimensions, "public" vs "member only" pricing and desired payment methods. This information may be emailed to me directly.

Click here to read the Vendors Agreement online.

Click here to download a Microsoft Word version of the Vendors Agreement.

Please contact me if you are a potential vendor and have specific questions. MikeJ@B9Creations.com

Only vendor items currently listed for sale on this site are approved.  Other manufacturing and sale of Robot B9 related merchandise is a violation of copyright and is strictly prohibited.

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