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Member FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Email me at MikeJ@B9Creations.com and I will try to answer your question and add it to this FAQ.

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Q: I thought I had to pay to join?
A: Going forward the club is free. This is thanks to all the past members that made the club possible!!

Q: Is the club licensed to sell complete Robots?
A: No, Club Vendors may only sell robot parts or club related merchandise.

Q: Will it be made a rule for part suppliers that their goods must be ready/and able to ship before they are offered for sale?
A: That's the practice I strongly encourage.
IF, however, a vendor wishes to take a deposit or pre-payment he may do so with the following restrictions:
1. In the listed description of the part there must be text to the effect of "this part is made to order and is not available for immediate shipment".
2. A firm ship date must be given to the buyer BEFORE the deposit is accepted.
3. If the part is not ready by the shipping date the seller must offer a full refund of the deposit at that time, no questions asked. (That means it is the seller's job to contact the buyer, report the delay and offer the refund!)
4. The buyer may, at their option, accept the delay and allow the establishment of a new shipping date.
5. Any vendor that does not meet a shipping date and does not promptly refund the deposit when requested will lose their vendor membership.

I must strongly point out that I am NOT responsible for the product quality or business practices of our fellow member vendors. A vendor membership places special trust in the vendor. If that trust is broken then, for the good of the club, that vendor will no longer be allowed to list their items until they have made good on their existing orders. Willful or continued abuse of a vendor membership will force me to permanently revoke the vendor's privileges.With that said, I must also point out these vendors are just regular folks like you & I and are not large factories. Talk to your vendor before purchasing, if you are in a hurry then discuss your expectations before sending in a payment. Use the site's feedback section, part descriptions and photos to determine if the part will meet your standards for quality finish and accuracy. We want to support the vendors and their attempts to upgrade and perfect their parts. Without vendors, we force everyone to scratch build everything. And remember, if you can do it better, we have a vendor spot available for you!

Q: Mike, will there be some kind of quality control for part vendors, or will anyone that pays the extra $28 be able to sell an official Licensed part?
A: Read the vendor's agreement, bottom line is I want a situation that rewards vendors for good quality and at the same time informs buyers of exactly what they are getting for their money. Everyone should read the forthcoming vendor's agreement so they know what standards the vendors are expected to live up to. Although I have no direct control over vendor products or actions, vendors that abuse their membership will be dropped. Each vendor will have a feedback section as well so that buyers can comment on the parts.

Q: Will the "club" now be the one shutting down the auctions for B9 parts (by non-members) on eBay?
A: We could if we wanted to. If someone is selling a few spare parts that they no longer need or want that's fine. If someone is selling the same part over and over then I'd ask them to join the club and become a vendor. That way the club members know who they are dealing with. If they will not join the club and continue to try and sell their part I'd have to think real hard for a reason not to shut them down.

Q: When can I join?
A: Now if you wish! Membership numbers will be assigned in order of payments received.
Please include your name, address, phone number and email address when you join.

Q: Can't us old timers get grand fathered in since we had to go thru all this crap for the last few years? Just a thought I'm out of work and can't afford the dues.
A: Well, it's costing me thousands to do this. The dues are only $2.33 per month. Remember, almost all of the info on the club site will still be available to non members. And you will still be able to buy parts from our vendors if you wish. Members will get at least a 5% discount and that is the real incentive to join I guess.

Q: Where do we fall in regards to copyright infringement with Space Productions or Kevin Burns or NLC? Any fears of trouble?
A: Space Productions owns the Lost In Space© property. Fox is licensed and controls the distribution rights (TV, DVD, etc.) Synthesis Entertainment is licensed and controls the merchandising rights (Props, T-shirts, models, etc.) As of April 2003, New Line Cinema no longer holds any license. The B9 Robot Builders Club is licensed by Synthesis entertainment. We now have nothing to worry about in regards to copyright infringement, etc. We are the exclusive sanctioned fan based club dedicated to building Lost In Space© Robot B9™ Replicas.

Q: Who currently holds the license for the B9 Robot Builders Club?
A: B9Creations, LLC (Owned by Mike Joyce)

Q: Why should I become a member?
A: To support the club! In addition, members will receive at least a 5% discount on parts purchased from Club Vendors and have access to the members only sections of the club site.

Q: What does the members only section have to offer?
A: Online blueprints. Hi-Res photos. Extensive screen grabs. "How to's". Other content as it comes available.

Q: What will it cost to become a member?
A: A standard subscription is $28/year.

Q: Who will make and sell the Robot parts?
A: The Club members will! Any member that wishes to sell a part may do so by becoming a Club Vendor.

: What about other issues, such as selling parts on ebay?
A: Any member may sell a spare part on ebay. If you wish to produce parts then you must become a Club Vendor.

Q: I don't like what you're doing and don't wish to join the club.
A: That's fine, you may still use the public sections of the web site and buy parts at the non-member price.

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